Tech &Case
Water analyzers for Do, pH, free chlorine, turbidity were installed in Phoenix mountain waterworks
Phoenix mountain waterworks is lacated in Pingshan country, Sichuan province. Online water analyzers including Do analyzers, pH analyzers, free chlorine analyzers, turbidity analyzers have been used since the middle November. At present, all the water analyzers run well and monitor stead...
10th Dec,2019
Free chlorine, Combined chlorine & Total chlorine: what is the difference?
Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and algae to keep water clean and healthy. There are three types of chlorine.
8th Oct,2019
How to Calibrate pH electrode
The general process for calibration is to use at least two known data points to adjust the pH values associated with the mV output. It is best to choose solution standards that represent the range of measurement expected during sensor use. For example, one solution standard with pH value s...
3rd Sept,2019
Free chlorine analyzers PM8200Cl were applied in large laundry at Jakarta
PT.Hua Sin Indonesia was established in 1998 at Jakarta, Indonesia. They provide a full range of industrial laundry services from all the basic washing and specialist washing such as all denim wash, garment dye, dip dye, tie dye, waterless wash, crinkle and so on.
16th Aug,2019